Thursday, June 9, 2011

SAP BASIS Important Tables

There are some important tables to know for different maintenance work. Some tables for BASIS & ABAP listed at below(with meanings)

BASIS Related:
User administration
TABLE           Description

USR02           User Mater
USR02           Logon Data
USR03           User Address Data
USR04           User master Authorization
USR11           User Master Text for Profiles
UST12           User Master Authorization
USR12           User Master Authorization Values
USR13           Short Text for Authorization
USR40           Prohibited Passwords
TOBJ             Objects
TOBC            Authorization Object Classes
DEVACCESS Table for Developers

Batch Input Queue
APQD            Data Definition Queue
APQI             Queue info definition

JOB Processing

TBTCO          Job Status overview table
TBTCP           Batch Job Step Overview

TSP02            Spool: Print Request

Runtime Errorse
SNAP             Runtime Errors

Message Control
TNAPR           Processing Programs for output
NAST             Message Status
NACH            Printer Determinattion

Change Document
CDHDR          Change Document Header
CDPOS          Change Document positioned
JCDS              Change Document for system/Users status
SERPTEE       Reporting Tree Structure

Workbench and Data Dictionary
DD02L           Tables in SAP
DD02T           Tables description
DD03L           Field name in SAP
DD03T           Field Description in SAP
TADIR            Dictionary in R/3 Repository Objects
TRDIR            System table TRDIR
TFDIR            Function Modules
TLIBG            Person Responsible for function Modules
TLIBT             Function Groups short texts
TFTIT             Function Modules short texts
TSTC             Transaction codes in SAP
TSTCT           Transaction codes texts
T1000             Message texts
D020T            Screen Text
TDEVC          Development class
TDEVCT        Text for Development Class


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